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Best Anti-Bribery and Compliance Books to Read in 2021

Different factors such as legal and regulatory requirements and reputational risks have driven organizations to put in place systems to prevent, detect, and respond to corruption risks. The adoption of anti-bribery compliance programs helps organizations prevent any type of corruption and stay alert if someone from the company will be involved in illegal practices. It is important to highlight that the quality of governance is critical to tackling corruption.

For corruption and compliance professionals, C-Executives, or anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the industry as well as advance their practice, here are some great reads about anti-bribery and compliance.

Anti Bribery Management System A Complete Guide (2020 Edition) by Gerardus Blokdyk

This is a great guide to Anti-Bribery Management Systems from Gerardus Blokdyk, which makes sure that all fundamentals are covered from each angle. The guide also contains practical tools for self-assessment and outlines the benefits that organizations can gain from the implementation of an ABMS based on ISO 37001. When you purchase this book you will also receive additional valuable content such as the Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard (an example of a filled dashboard to give you an idea of how it works), as well as checklists, templates, and more. In addition, you will gain answers to a lot of questions related to the consequences of bribery, how to make sure that Anti-Bribery Management System outcome will be in place, how to successfully organize ABMS tasks so that outcomes are achieved, etc.

Bribery and Corruption in Weak Institutional Environments: Connecting the Dots from a Comparative Perspective by Shaomin Li

A representation of twenty years of research and observations, using a comparative method, the author explains why in states with weak institutions corruption flourishes. The analysis by the author covers the impact of bribery and corruption in different environments such as political, social, and business. Moreover, it explains why despite efforts, corruption is still widespread. This book is a must-read for those who want to gain insight into corruption and bribery characteristics and understand the corruption and its impact on economic activities.

Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud by Tom Mueller

Whistleblowing remains a crucial part of maintaining order and carrying out values. This book is a great read about whistleblowing, and the author does a great job in explaining why whistleblowing is vital for protection against unlawful activity and the risks associated with it. Through human stories and interviews with more than two hundred people and many lawyers and experts, the author explains whistleblowing cases in different areas.

These cases involve money laundering, fraud, theft, tax evasion, and other violations. In addition, it explains what inspires some to speak out and risk relationships, reputation, and more, while others remain silent. A very relevant and informative read!

Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals by Nitish Singh and Thomas Bussen

One of the ways to improve productivity and lower business risks is by creating an effective compliance program. This book shows the crucial factors required to build such a program.

In the first part of the book, the authors present general guidelines for creating or improving internal compliance and ethics programs. Whereas, in the second part of the book the authors present an outline of relevant laws as well as best practices of these regulations. This book will help you create a new compliance program or improve the existing one.

If you want to get familiarized with business principles and basics of compliance, this book will be a very useful source. It should be read not only by professionals in the compliance industry but as well by business professionals from different backgrounds.

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