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Expanding Horizons: PECB’s New Regional Hub in Malaysia

In the fast-paced world of professional evaluation and certification, progress and expansion are key indicators of our success. It was just nine months ago in February when PECB made a significant leap in our journey by opening a new regional office in Malaysia, in order to better serve our partners of the Asia-Pacific region. The office officially opened on January 25th, with full operation starting on February 1st, with an amazing location near the Petronas Twin Towers, among exceptional talent from various Asian countries whose daily efforts contribute to PECB’s mission. Today, we take a throwback trip to that exciting moment to reflect on our remarkable expansion into the heart of Southeast Asia!

In a world of endless opportunities and global connectivity, expanding our horizons is a testament to our growth and ambition. This expansion represents a pivotal moment in our journey and marks our commitment to serving our clients better while embracing new cultures and markets, all while adhering to the highest standards of certification.

Malaysia, often referred to as “Truly Asia,” is a country known for its vibrant diversity, rapid economic growth, and welcoming business environment. Malaysia, with its rapidly growing economy, diverse industries, and a workforce hungry for professional development, was a natural choice for our expansion. The local market presented numerous opportunities for collaboration with organizations across various sectors.

Since its opening, our Malaysian regional hub has actively engaged with local associations, businesses, and educational institutions. We have forged partnerships working towards a common goal of enhancing professional standards. Moreover, our global network has also extended its reach, fostering connections between the region and the international community!

Benefits of Our Recent Regional Office and PECB Certification

PECB’s new office in Malaysia is not just about geographical expansion; it is about harnessing potential and providing exceptional services to our clients with the added value of certification. Here are some key benefits of our latest endeavor:

  1. Empowering Regional Partnerships and Certification Excellence: With the establishment of our local office in Malaysia, our aim is to fortify our commitment to supporting partners across the vibrant Asia-Pacific region. This enables us to provide tailored services to our valued clients, fostering better communication and a keen understanding of their unique needs and challenges. PECB certifications, a hallmark of our dedication to quality and excellence, now extend their impact across the entire Asia-Pacific landscape.
  2. Unlocking Regional Talent: Malaysia stands as a gateway to a highly skilled and educated workforce in the broader Asia-Pacific region. By tapping into this rich talent pool, we not only infuse fresh perspectives, expertise, and innovation into our team but also ensure we stay at the forefront of the evolving market dynamics while upholding the highest certification standards.
  3. Diversified Regional Portfolio: Our expansion transcends borders, allowing us to diversify our portfolio strategically. This move is driven by a commitment to aligning with local market trends and exploring new business opportunities.
  4. Catalyzing Global Collaboration: Positioned as a regional hub in Malaysia, our office serves as a catalyst for global collaboration. With a multicultural team, we actively engage in the exchange of ideas and best practices. This not only enriches our corporate culture but enhances our collective problem-solving capabilities, all while adhering to the highest industry standards.

In essence, our presence in Malaysia is a strategic step to reinforce our dedication to the entire Asia-Pacific community. Whether you’re in India, Indonesia, Australia, or any other part of this dynamic region, our expanded capabilities are here to empower your journey toward excellence and success.


The opening of our regional hub in Malaysia is a testament to our company’s growth, ambition, and commitment to serving our clients and partners in the Asia-Pacific region better while adhering to industry standards. We look forward to embracing the rich culture, diverse talent, and exciting opportunities that this new venture offers. This expansion is not just about growing our business; it is about expanding our horizons, forging new connections, and creating a brighter future for PECB certification and the PECB Network. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us.

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