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Innovation Cloud Tools: Better Solutions to Technology

With the advent and growing development of cloud computing, the need for cloud computing tools rises too. This article introduces you to the top five picks of cloud tools. Identifying the option that is the best fit for your organization is an important step; once you do that, building a cost-effective and useful cloud infrastructure and resource optimization will be easier. Each option has its strength and weaknesses; however, many of the options offer free trials, which you can test to see which one works best for you. Using cloud solutions is a smart move to make, considering the benefits associated with them such as cost-benefits, increase in business efficiencies, better serving customers, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Sematext Cloud

Sematext Cloud is a monitoring solution which offers a quick setup and provides you with a comprehensive view of your IT Infrastructure. It offers log management and analytics, and it allows you to build great charts and dashboards from data in the logs. Pricing for each solution differs depending on the plan that you choose. The price for logs starts at $50 per month, monitoring at $0.007 per container host/ hour, experience starts at $19 per month, and synthetics plan starts at $29 per month. This tool also offers a 14-days free trial, so you can use this time to see if it is the right one for you.


AppDynamics is a flexible tool which can be adaptable to any infrastructure or software. It offers an efficient way of application monitoring and performance. The reports provide detailed data which can be customized. Moreover, it provides insights into your environment, which can also be understood by executives as well as code-level information required for developers and DevOps. It offers App Performance Monitoring Packages, as well as End User Monitoring Packages. You can get the prices upon request and get a free trial to test it out.


A SaaS monitoring tool which provides comprehensive features that are required to monitor the applications, cloud infrastructure, logs, network, etc. It also offers observation for logs, metrics, real user, security, etc. Moreover, Datadog has flexible data analysis features, which allows you to create custom dashboards. Regarding pricing, hourly, monthly, and annual plans are available. Billing plans can also be customized to meet the customer’s needs. As was the case with the other tools, Datadog also offers a free trial period.

Amazon CloudWatch

The primary use of this tool is aimed at Amazon Web Service users. It is used to monitor the usage of cloud resources, services, infrastructure, as well as the applications of the Amazon AWS. Amazon CloudWatch offers volume-based pricing, meaning that this depends on the visibility you want to have and how detailed it is. You can get started with this service for free. However, there is not a fixed price for the paid option. Your bill will depend based on your monthly usage, and prices vary

Azure Monitor

A tool designed to monitor the services of Microsoft Azure cloud services, which provides insightful information about applications, services, infrastructure, as well as Azure resources. Custom metrics for resources outside of the cloud are also supported by this solution. Through this tool, the performance optimization of many applications can be maximized and issues can be detected in a short time. Pricing is based on the volume of the data used or reserved capacity. Selected metrics are free; however, once you pass 150 MB per month for custom metrics, a fee occurs.

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