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In any modern organization, information security and risk management are important aspects. With the increasing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks, it is more important than ever to take steps to protect sensitive data and minimize the risk of breaches. With that in mind, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, best practices, and emerging threats in the world of information security and risk management.

Below you can find a few interesting facts in the world of information security and risk management that every business owner, IT professional, and concerned individual should be aware of. From emerging threats to best practices for managing risk, these facts offer valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

  1. Did you know that in 2021, one of the most used passwords was still “123456”? It was also the most often used password in 2020, according to NordPass.
  2. Did you know that by 2025, it is predicted that cybercrime will cost the globe $10.5 trillion annually? This figure comes from a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, which predicts that “cybercrime losses will reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015”.
  3. Did you know that the healthcare sector has the highest average cost of a data breach at $9.23 million? According to the IBM 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the healthcare industry has the highest average cost of a data breach of any industry.
  4. Even though the internet was invented in the 1960s, the first cybercrime is believed to have happened long before that. In 1834, the Blanc brothers infiltrated the French Telegraph System by bribing a telegraph operator and stole financial market information. The scam was uncovered two years later, but the Blanc brothers could not be convicted since there was no appropriate law at that time.
  5. According to research on the personal antivirus market, half of U.S. adults have had a computer virus or malware on their computer.
  6. For organizations in 2020, the average cost of a data breach was $3.86 million.
  7. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable on May 25, 2018. Those companies who are close to or have reached compliance with GDPR have fewer data breaches and lower overall costs per breach than companies who are not close, showing benefits for spending on investment in privacy.
  8. In 2018, California adopted one of the toughest privacy laws of any state, the Consumer Privacy Act (CPA). Introducing new obligations for businesses to disclose information about data collection and protections for consumers that involve the right to delete personal information and a right to opt out of having their information sold.

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