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Introducing the PECB Standards Insights Conference

Announcing with gratitude, The PECB Standards Insights Conference will be held in “Palais des congrès de Montréal” from June 29th to 30th, 2017. Attending this conference at the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, will complement your professional opinions and reveal many future occurrences and disputable matters with respect to Management Systems.

Bringing together experts, practitioners, and influencers, the PECB Standards Insights Conference is organized to be attended in three different tracks, such as Information Security Management, Auditing & Management Systems, and Governance Risk and Compliance.

All these three tracks of the conference are extensively important to the nowadays organization. Emphasizing the value of information security in such a fast pace advancement era with respect to technology is unquestionable. Additionally, various legal requirements and policies are contributing to the effort of strengthening information security within the organization, as much as are increasing social awareness. What is more, various cyber-attacks are jeopardizing information security at the state level, causing severe damages to national security. Therefore, this track will develop discussions on all of the above-mentioned challenges, while emphasizing upon the innovative solutions that can be provided.

Establishing a strong internal auditing culture within the organization is mandatory to continuously improve. As a result, implementing a total quality culture would come as a result of effective control and unbiased attitude for improvement. Correspondingly, audit preparation, performance, reporting, and closure will precede this specific conference track while revealing the importance of certified and competent and professional institutions to perform auditing. New technologies and frameworks will also be presented during this conference track.

Further, Governance Risk and Compliance management systems get developed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness to your organizations. This tracks program is developed to maximize the understanding of improving business performance and support transparency, cost control, risk measurement, and resilience. Strongly highlighting an organizational culture concentrated in ethics and integrity, Governance Risk and Compliance frameworks also aid to fast and accurate decision making.

As an outstanding sharing experience, PECB is striving to connect their global network of partners and interested parties towards an extensive exploitation of business opportunities in various industries. Simultaneously, the PECB Standards Insights Conference is determined to continue its program of providing quality education and discuss the most concerning forthcoming and existent management issues.

Promoting innovation in different industries affected directly by the three aforementioned tracks of the conference will also encourage you to drive through the application of different methods to improve your business performance.

Networking through the PECB Standards Insights Conference adds up to the astounding lineup of speakers and influencers while aiming towards constructive conclusions with respect to our overwhelming panel discussions. This first round is organized by PECB, responsible also for driving the excitement of continuing the journey of providing great quality of education.

In line with the structured agenda, the PECB Standards Insights Conference will progress in both English and French.

Pleasantly, your involvement will indeed amplify our belief to elevate your professional opinions about management systems and their importance to the facilitation of global development, and quality of life.

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