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The Importance of Data Privacy

More and more data is processed online during these past decades in comparison to the storing of data on paper and files not too long ago, with the digitalization of processes, from daily life activities to organizational data, like employees, documents, clients information, etc., data privacy concerns started rising.

With the increase of online presence and the use of the internet, the evident truth of keeping your data protected online become more and more prominent, especially during the pandemic where all our work procedures and day-to-day life turned online, from meetings to classes, protecting your data became more important than ever. Gain a better understanding of what you can do to ensure that safety.

Understanding Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

Understanding Privacy demonstrates all the different ways our privacy can be compromised and the potential harm that can come as a result. Providing enlightenment on data privacy threats and its consequences, from identity theft to possible limitations of job opportunities, it brings to light a principled way to face and manage threats, and if possible avoid breaches altogether by understanding vulnerabilities and enforcing security practices.

Technology advancements have made it possible for different social media platforms, telephone companies, governments, etc., by using search engines to cater to our personalized interests, mine our information, or track our calls, however, we stay not as informed as we should over our power to be in charge of such technologies and the important decisions we need to make over the collected data, how it is used, or disclosed. A must-read for those who aim to take privacy measures to enforce both, personal and organizational, security.

Data Privacy & Compliance Guidebook: GDPR, CCPA, and Dara Privacy Principles by Raj Rathour

A very practical guidebook written in a concise manner to provide a better understanding of Data Privacy Law and to serve as a reference guide for professionals in the field, such as chief privacy or technology officers as well as in-house counsel dealing with organizational data privacy concerns. Aside from being an overview for professionals, this book lays out information in a way that is very easy to understand for beginners in the sector of data privacy.

Despite the book’s focus mainly being on Data Privacy Law, multiple sections are dedicated to explaining and giving examples of technical aspects of data privacy. As the privacy landscape constantly evolves, so will this guidebook. Even though the guidebook is stand-alone, it may be most useful when combined with the services of a privacy consultant. The privacy professional can anticipate crucial vulnerabilities in an organization by understanding how data breaches occur, through this book, you will be able to gain better insight and examples of detecting vulnerabilities and anticipating data breaches for you and your organization to be better equipped to avoid or manage such situations.

Data Privacy: Principles and Practice by Nataraj Venkataramanan and Ashwin Shriram

Catered to those who lead busy lives with limited leisurely time but a thirst for knowledge on learning more on how to stay secure and protected online, this eBook covers data privacy more in-depth by delving into different aspects of it and providing a better understanding of concepts such as data mining, test data management, synthetic data generation, etc. Anonymization is designed based on data format and discipline and formalizes privacy principles that are essential for good anonymization design.

These principles describe best practices and reflect on the conflict between privacy and utility. Viewing it from a practice point of view, it provides researchers and practitioners with a definitive guide on approaching anonymization of multiple data formats, including multidimensional, longitudinal, time-series, transaction, and graph data. Aside from assisting CIOs secure confidential data, it also offers a guideline on its implementation for a wide range of data at an organizational level.

PECB GDPR Implementation Toolkit

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that enforces a stronger data protection regime for organizations that operate in the European Union (EU) and handle EU citizens’ data. GDPR establishes the protection of personal data of organizations, employees, consumers, and others. GDPR certification is crucial if you are interested in being equipped with the necessary knowledge to keep your business compliant and ahead of your competitors, as well as assure your customers that you respect their data privacy.

Being GDPR certified means that you are legally compliant with the new European Union’s Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR training gives the green light to professionals to receive certification from legitimate certification bodies to prove, both to the EU and the clients, that they are in line with GDPR. The GDPR Implementation Toolkit provides some of the most efficient methods that define roles and responsibilities, as well as instructions on meeting the requirements of this data privacy regime. This toolkit contains a variety of 37 files.

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