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Top Five High-Paying Job Positions You Can Pursue with an ISO 31000 Certification

Risk management helps organizations identify, assess, and control risks that may threaten their profits, activities, or their very own existence. While risk management cannot eliminate all risks, it certainly can reduce them and minimize their consequences. A risk management-related certification will help you demonstrate your competencies in supporting an organization to manage its risks. ISO 31000 is the most popular international standard that lays the principles of risk management.

PECB offers ISO 31000 Risk Management training and certification for individuals that want to assist an organization in establishing a risk strategy and achieving risk-related objectives.

The salaries presented in the following slides represent an average that derives from information provided by PayScale, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

1. Chief Risk Officer Chief Risk

Officers should be able to measure an organization’s risk. They should have analytical skills for evaluating the possible risks. The average salary of a Chief Risk Officer is US $171,733 per year.

2. Risk Management Director

A Risk Management Director should have problem-solving skills to deal with the risks that the organization may face. The average salary of a Risk Management Director is US $128,273 per year.


3. Senior Risk Manager

Senior Risk Managers should have a deep understanding of risk management. They must be able to conduct an analytical risk assessment. The average salary of a Senior Risk Manager is US $119,756 per year.

4. Operational Risk Manager

Operational Risk Managers should be aware of risk management standards, such as ISO 31000. The average salary of an Operational Risk Manager is US $108,573 per year.

5. Risk Control Manager

Risk Control Managers should have analytical risk assessment skills and be adaptable to new concerns or risks that the organization may face. The average salary of a Risk Control Manager is US $106,562 per year.

A PECB ISO 31000 Risk Management certification will help you demonstrate awareness of risk management principles and demonstrate competencies in establishing a risk management framework. A risk management certification will help you towards a more successful career in risk management.

Note: The salaries of the above-mentioned positions are not definitive and may change with time and industry development.

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